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Here's a look at the 21 most popular stories of 2021

How many of these do you remember from the past year?
Top stories 2021
Here are some of the stories that held Vancouver's attention the most during 2021.

Throughout the year people click on stories on the internet.

It's just what they do.

Thanks to technological wizadry, we can see which stories got the most clicks this year. 

Here they are in no particular order.

Wait, no, scratch that, they're in a very particular order. The most popular are at the top.

1. This bathroom with a bed was listed as a 'micro studio' for $680/mo in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

2. Kelowna business owner asking customers to not wear a mask - Vancouver Is Awesome

3. Canucks player on leave after sexual misconduct allegation

4. Safety alert: Canada-wide recall issued for hand sanitizer due to 'serious health risks'

Sometimes you guys just like straightforward informative news.

5. Free heroin, cocaine and meth will be handed out in Vancouver today (VIDEO)

6. This map shows when the northern lights are expected to glow above Metro Vancouver (MAP)

7. Incredible restored film of Vancouver in 1907 is basically time travel (VIDEO)

8. Health alert: Canada-wide frozen chicken recall issued after possible listeria contamination

It's good to be aware of these sorts of things.

9. 'There's just no money on the table': Restaurant owner on closing all three of his Vancouver locations

10. Letter: Steve Moore faked Todd Bertuzzi ending his career, as a 'money grab'

This one is a bit of an anomaly. It's rare that we get letters, and even rarer that people click on them.

11. This massive penis slide has been erected in a Lower Mainland playground (PHOTO)

People were quite upset that when we shared this we didn't mention that it also has a part that looks like a vagina. We apologize for this oversight.

12. Man wants $1 million from Burnaby for allowing house blocking his killer view

13. Everything you need to know about Canada's new travel rules

14. Absolutely massive salmon caught in B.C. (PHOTOS)

Lots of people thought the photo was faked, so our editor-in-chief Bob Kronbauer did a follow-up.

15. B.C. couple owing $25 million loses appeal to have debt forgiven

16. Port Moody yard cam captures four cougars in near-miss for resident (PHOTOS)

17. Here's what that pink glow south of Vancouver was last night

While this story explained what it was in general, we did a much less popular follow-up where we found out exactly what was going on.

18. Keep those gloves handy: Environment Canada updates winter forecast for Vancouver

Odd to think this is from last winter, the advice still applies!

19. B.C. ski hill property at the foot of a chairlift listed at $99,000

20. Opening date announced for immersive Van Gogh exhibit in Vancouver

This is an old one and it's already left Vancouver. The good news is that there's now a new one in its place featuring Pablo Picasso.

21. You can rent this Vancouver basement suite for $1000 - if you're 5'4" or less (PHOTOS)